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Imagine a classroom where iconic figures and events come to life. An immersive, memorable, and engaging experience fueled with action, drama and humor!

Inspiring and educating students with what they love to watch,

AcadeMe+ offers more than 1,000 renowned films and 3,500 key film scenes, licensed from top Hollywood and international studios and curated into hundreds of interactive lesson plan kits in accordance with school curriculum. AcadeMe+ by 9-Digital is the world’s first and only teaching tool to offer a streaming platform of cinematic content.

The lessons are developed using an innovative AI-based search engine and a team of pedagogical experts at Journeys in Film to provide teachers of the 21st century with EdTech's finest interactive capabilities.

The service has been licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Education since 2019, with more than 3,500 connected schools, 120,000 teachers, and 2 million student users, and is now also present at leading universities in Israel.

Providing ready-to-use, educational-standard lesson plans for K-12, Academe+ by 9-digital is the approved way to engage your students using the content they love -

using award-winning Green Book to discuss racism, or Pixar's Inside Out of Studi Canal's Paddington to discuss S.E.L.

Our offering for higher education, currently available at leading  universities in Israel, targets all faculties - from teaching computers using "The Imitation Game" to teaching performing arts showing "Pina", from a gender class screening "Hidden Figures" and "Suffragettes" to a Law class using "Erin Brokovich".

Join the 3,500 schools, 120,000 teachers and two million students already enjoying the cutting edge technology and engaging content in the classroom!

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